Corporate Quiz Results - Jamshedpur – Tata Steel retain Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur – Tata Steel retain Jamshedpur


Tata Steel - E G Khan and Sourav Das

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Jamshedpur – Tata Steel retain Jamshedpur


Tata Motors - Ms. Loveleen Mishra and Bismoy Ranjan Pati

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The amazing city of Jamshedpur which makes one proud to be an Indian when one visits it, today saw the brilliance of its human capital on display as teams from across Tata companies battled for the final slot in the national level of Tata Crucible. Quizmaster Pickbrain was clinical with his task as he went about hosting the prelim and identified the following six finalists.

  • Tata Steel : Vikas Kumar and Sudhanshu Kumar
  • Tata Steel : E G Khan and Sourav Das
  • Tata Steel : Himanshu Sharma and Varun Kumar
  • Tata Motors : Ms. Loveleen Mishra and Bismoy Ranjan Pati
  • Tata Steel : Mohit Bhatt and Nirmal Tenneti
  • Tata Steel : A Sharath Kumar and Faizan Sarwar

The initial rounds of the quiz saw EG Khan and Sourav Das race to a lead as other teams followed them slowly. As the rounds progressed and reached the buzzer stage Khan and Das were in with a good lead only for the seasoned quizmaster to prompt them that they normally went astray in the buzzer rounds.

True to his views they took a few negatives and in the meantime Mohitt and Nirmal the defending champs started inching forward as were Sharat and Faizan and the Tata Motors duo of Loveleen and Bismoy. This neck and neck battle went on for a couple of rounds before the Khan and Das team clinched the quiz on the final question with Loveleen and Bismoy edging past the defending champs to finish runner up.

The quiz attracted a huge participation as always and the audience were thoroughly entertained by the teams, the questions and the amazing sense of humour that Pickbrain brings with him. It is one day in the calendar of Jamshedpur that not many would miss.

The guest of honour Mr.T V Narendran, MD Designate, Tata Steel India and South East Asia laced his observation with wit and said “I am delighted to see such talent and must confess after trying to answer a couple I stopped”.