Corporate Quiz Results - IAME retain Bangalore

IAME retain Bangalore


IAME - Prasad Shetty and Sunil Rao Cherian Thomas

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IAME retain Bangalore


Oracle - Mitesh and Yaggi

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IAME retain Bangalore Zonal Final Report

The Bangalore edition of Tata Crucible was arguably one of the best city rounds for this season of Tata Crucible. Over 180 teams on a Saturday afternoon and Taj West End was bursting it its seams.

The audience cheered their favourite quizmaster Pickbrain (who hails from Bangalore) who took stage and got down to business in quick time. A very balanced prelim, carefully crafted for a specific city was well appreciated by the audience and the participants. The finalists were:


  • Oracle: Mitesh and Yaggi
  • Walnut Knowledge Solutions: Sachin Ravi and Raghav C
  • National Instruments: Shitendra and Denver D’Souza
  • IAME: Prasad Shetty and Sunil Rao
  • Unilever: ARN Prasad and Ms. Busaina Shah
  • Sabmiller: Ms. Aditi and Sai G

The final was breath-taking, as a huge audience witnessed quizzing at its very best, young teams like Walnut and Sabmiller forcing the pressure on senior pros like Oracle and IAME was truly a treat to witness.

It was however, the seasoned campaigners who took charge of the battle over a period of time with IAME, the current defending national champion, looking sharp and hungry to retain their title and backing it with superb answers. The duo from Oracle would give them a chase to the very end, scoring as high as 340 to finish runner up.

Pickbrain rightly observed in the end that the Oracle score was perhaps the best runner up score across India and would‘ve won them the quiz in about 20 cities of the 25 city journey, but at Bangalore it was good enough. IAME moved to the south zonal to make an attempt to be in the nationals yet again.


  • WINNER: IAME – Prasad Shetty and Sunil Rao
  • RUNNER UP: Oracle – Mitesh and Yaggi