Corporate Quiz Results - Delhi

NTPC & TCS win Delhi tie
Delhi, Sep 13, 2008: A packed auditorium with over 400 people witnessed the 2008 corporate edition of Tata Crucible, here at the National capital.

The prelim was followed by the final for the Tata Track.

Tata Track
Teams from NDPL, Tata Motor Finance and multiple teams from TCS qualified to the final. In an absorbing final, NDPL battled hard but took a few negatives on the buzzer and could not recover from that while team TCS represented by Debabratta Mallick and Akanksha Yohan capitalized with a couple of good strikes on the buzzer to make it to the national final while Vivek Gautam and Vipin Gopal also from TCS had to settle for the runner up prize.

Non Tata Track
In the non Tata track that followed the top six teams that made it were:

McCann Erickson – Ninad & Kausar
Accenture – Rohan Khanna & Sandeepan Chaudhuri
NTPC – Sujit Varkey & KM Prashanth
3i Infotech – Dr.Arvind Gupta & Harsh Priyadarshy
HT Media Ltd – Arun Paul Alex & Ranjeet Varma
Mint – Sanjeev & Samanth

‘The battle of Delhi is never over till the final question is asked’ thundered Pickbrain, as the quiz commenced, little did he know (or maybe he did!) that the final would unfold the way he predicted. The early rounds hardly differentiated any of the teams, though NTPC did manage an narrow lead, but were closely followed by HT Media, Mint and McCann. Accenture (the defending champions) started slowly but gained momentum in the lateral thinking rounds and on the buzzer to set themselves up for a final assault.

As the final round began the scores read NTPC 40, Accenture 40, HT Media 25 with all the three teams looking good enough to make the journey to Mumbai for the national final. On the first question of the final round NTPC scored a 15 pointer on the buzzer and moved to 55. On the second question HT Media scored a 10 and moved to 35 and the pressure could be felt everywhere. On the final question Accenture went for the kill and cracked a brilliant poser to draw level with NTPC at 55 points and forced a tie breaker.

In the tie breaker that followed NTPC got the better of Accenture, to win the Delhi final for the first time in five years.