• PRELIMS: This is a written elimination for all contestants at each regional round followed by the Regional Final on stage.

  • WILD CARD ROUND: The top 4 teams from the written Prelims will qualify for the Regional rounds based on scores. If there are large number of teams participating, 2 more teams will be selected from one or two wild card rounds. The rules for this will be explained by the quizmaster at each venue.

  • REGIONAL FINALS: Six top Teams will then make it to the Finals held after the prelims at the same venue.

  • ZONAL FINALS: The Regional Winners from each of the cities within a particular zone will participate in the Zonal Finals. The Zonal Final will take place in a designated city under each zone.

    Following are the Zone details:

    The zonal finals will follow immediately after the regional final of the particular city under consideration. For example, Mumbai Zonal Final will be preceded by Mumbai regional finals and so on.

  • NATIONAL FINALS: The top two teams from each Zonal Final will participate in the National Finals to be held in Mumbai.