• This is an online idea submission round.
  • All the challenges will be open pan-India and the participating teams can submit their solutions to the challenge(s) of their choice, after registration. The challenge details can only be viewed post registration.
  • A team can submit only one solution per challenge.
  • Pan-India challenge dates:

Challenge open date: 7th September, 2017
Challenge close date for East and North zones: 3rd October, 2017
Challenge close date for West zone: 10th October, 2017


  • All the teams are required to be ready with their presentations on the day of the event. Each team has to bring their own laptop(s) and a soft copy of their presentations in a storage device.
  • It is preferable to get a prototype for better demonstration of your solution.
  • The top 5 shortlisted teams will be announced on the day of each event and will be asked to present their ideas.
  • Each team will be given 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A.


A panel of judges (consisting of members from Group Technology and Innovation Office, experts from companies, and others) will evaluate each submission using a combination of judging criteria:

  • Rich technical content - It is expected that the teams will submit a theoretical solution to the challenge. The evaluation, in the prelims, will be solely done by reviewing the content of the description. Please ensure the description is very well articulated. Please include as much technical details as possible.
  • Simplicity of the solution - it must be uncomplicated, not require any major changes to the business operations, and be logistically feasible.
  • Ease of Implementation - Should not take too much time or effort to implement it.
  • Cost Effectiveness - Not overwhelmingly expensive.
  • Innovation - how creative and innovative the solution is, will also determine the final selection.

Note: Please refer to the following sections to know more -