Are individuals allowed to participate in Tata Crucible Corporate Hackathon?

No. Tata Crucible Corporate Hackathon is a team based event.


Can my team members be from different corporates?

Any two to five bonafide full time working professionals can form a team. Team members can be from different corporates for the Tata Crucible Hackathon ONLY.


What is the eligibility criteria to participate in Tata Crucible Corporate Hackathon?

The Tata Crucible Hackathon is open to full time working professionals from corporates, start-ups and SMEs across India. It is a team event and any two to five bonafide members can form a team.


I have not received any confirmation mail after registering for the event. I am unable to login because of this. What should be my next step?

We would advise you to check your junk and spam folders for the confirmation/activation mail. In case a team member has received the confirmation mail, and can log in to the account with the details, they can submit the solution on behalf of the whole team. If the problem persists, please register again with a personal email id.


Will we be provided with a data set for the challenges?

You are meant to create your own data set. It is part of the prototype development process. You should be creating the data sets from your experimental set-up.


Due to the limited time, I can only complete a part of the challenge. Can I compete with an incomplete solution/prototype?

We welcome all entries to the Tata Crucible Campus Hackathon, including a work-in-progress. However, please note that the solutions which fully satisfy the requirements will be given priority and will have an edge over other simplistic solutions.


I do not have enough knowledge or understanding about certain technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Can I still participate in the Tata Crucible Hackathon 2018?

Tata Crucible Corporate Hackathon 2018 includes a set of multi-disciplinary challenges. While teams have the option to choose a challenge that fits their respective skill set and capabilities, we encourage them to go beyond their classroom learning and discover how the advent of these technologies is revolutionizing the industry. Teams can submit solutions without the AI or Machine Learning aspect, but must be aware that teams using such cutting-edge technologies will have an advantage over the others.

Is it necessary to develop a prototype for the final event?

Teams need to fill an online solution submission form in the first round to get a chance to qualify for the zonal finals. It is advised that they use the given time for prototype development as well. The shortlisted teams will be announced in first week of September (tentatively). Incase, a team is unable to build a working model prototype by the time of the final event, they can present their solutions in digital or presentation form. However, please note that teams with prototypes will have an edge over the other teams. Final decision will be at the full discretion of the Judges and the Organizers


Please refer to the following sections to know more - Rules and Eligibility

For more queries, please write to us at tccq2018@tata.com