Ultratech's maiden win at Nagpur
Over 150 people were part of the Nagpur edition of the quiz, as Pickbrain dished out a rather "easy" prelim, as described by the teams. Once the prelim was done, the following six teams emerged as finalists.

  • CHAOS THEORY : Ms. Sukhada Chaudhary and BG Fender
  • INFOCEPTS: Vijay Srinivasan and Pratyush Kumar
  • CPC: Chetana and Ajinkya
  • TCS: Ms. Jyoti Kumari and Sampuran Singh
  • INFOCEPTS : Vikrant and Hitesh
  • ULTRATECH : Jasojeet and Akshay
The battle was very close and tight right from the beginning. If it was Chaos leading for a bit, then it was Ultratech and then TCS. Initially, Infocepts also did very well to score but could not sustain the same momentum.

The team from Chaos were good but fell short trying to increase the pace and catch up with the other team

The guest of honour was Mr. Arvind Kumar, Center Head TCS, Nagpur appreciated the teams from being part of this knowledge event.

  • WINNER: ULTRATECH: Jasojeet and Akshay
  • RUNNER UP:TCS :Ms. Jyoti Kumari and Sampuran Singh
indore Winners 2016      indore Runners 2016

ULTRATECH: Jasojeet and Akshay


TCS: Ms. Jyoti Kumari and Sampuran Singh