dominates Goa
A breezy evening with a hint of rain would seem like a perfect setting to laze on the beach at Goa watching the sun go down. For a change, it led the corporates of the city to their annual edition of Tata Crucible. A crisp prelim by ace quizmaster Pickbrain led to the final six.

  • HandyTrain : Devadas Krishnan and Ralph Da Silva
  • Savoir Faire: Harshvardhan and Rajiv D'Silva
  • : Prasad and Siddharth
  • Adicent Designs Belgaum : Ashish and Shoaib Syed
  • Solutions : Sachin Chatte and Krishnamurti
  • Goa Tech Solutions : Ameya and Ramachandra
The final saw the duo from Loan Singh dominate the quiz for the early stages, but all the teams were in the battle not making life easy for anyone. If it was the Solutions for a brief period it was Savoir Faire, HandyTrain and Goa Tech for another.

The quiz moved on with good answers from most teams, but as the rounds progressed it was LoanSingh that kept moving ahead and won the quiz having aced the prelim earlier with a perfect score. Savoir Faire inched past HandyTrain to finish runner-up.

The guest of honour, Mr. Jaikant Shroff, GM Taj Panaji appreciated the teams and spoke of how a group like the Tatas have always believed in the concept of sharing and collective learning.

  • WINNER: :Prasad and Siddharth
  • RUNNER UP:Savoir Faire :Harshvardhan and Rajiv D'Silva
Goa Winners 2018      Goa Runners 2018

Winners :
Vizag Steel : Prasad and Siddharth


Runners :
Savoir Faire: Harshvardhan and Rajiv D'Silva