AIIMS Jodhpur trump Udaipur

The city of Udaipur played host to a fantastic game of quizzing with over 400 students taking part. The prelim had to be organised simultaneously at two halls given the large turnout. Quiz hosts Ms. Rashmi Furtado and Pickbrain took the teams through what was an easier prelim for teams than expected. It led to the following finalists.

Super Over
  • CDFST :Parmeshwaran and Afzal
  • IIM UDAIPUR :Yashvardhan and Ms. Ishika
  • AIIMS :Anshul and Srijan
  • IIM UDAIPUR :Ashish and Priyanuj
  • IIM UDAIPUR :Ms. Vanya and Chitransh
  • IIM UDAIPUR :Ms. Apoorva Jain and Ms. Vaishnavi Anand
  • AIIMS Jodhpur :Akshay and Srimanth
  • FMS :Mohit and Vipul
  • CDFST :Parmeshwaran and Afzal
  • IIM UDAIPUR :Yashvardhan and Ms.Ishika
  • AIIMS :Anshul and Srijan
udaipur Winners 2019

Champions, AIIMS Jodhpur - Anshul Sharma and Srijan Sinha

The finale was an absorbing game with all teams battling evenly early on. As the overs got consumed it became a two-team battle with the AIIMS teams from Jodhpur taking on each other while leaving the other teams behind.

It was a rare occasion at Rajasthan when top management institutes including the IIMs were trumped by aspiring doctors at a business quiz. It reflected how students across streams took the quiz seriously, as it also reflected on the growing popularity of the quiz beyond the B-schools.

The tension lasted to the very last ball as Anshul and Srijan played tactically to hold out their college mates, Jagriti and Sahil to make it to the zonals. The guest of honour Dr. Mahima Birla, Director, Pacific University, advised the audience to learn to be creative and think outside the box and these would help them in their future.

udaipur Runners 2019

Runner Up, AIIMS Jodhpur - Ms. Jagriti Jha and Sahil Ahmed

  • WINNER : AIIMS Jodhpur - Anshul Sharma and Srijan Sinha
  • RUNNER UP : AIIMS Jodhpur - Ms. Jagriti Jha and Sahil Ahmed