BITS Pilani reclaim Goa

The third match of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible got underway at Goa at the beautiful campus of BITS. The match kicked off with exactly 100 teams. The prelim was easily the toughest so far, testing even the best teams that were around. The Team from BITS dominated the super over, though one team from NIT Goa made it to the finale with them.

Super Over
  • NIT :Sauvik and Ajit Kumar
  • BITS :Diaku and Naman Jain
  • NIT :Tejan and Manu Bhat
  • BITS :Karthikey and Karthik
  • BITS :Nikhil and Pritesh
  • BITS :Vitthal and Srireyas
  • Goa Institute of Management :Ms. Medha and Amit Joshi
  • BITS Pilani Goa :Lucky Kaul and Shiv Kumar
  • NIT Goa :Sahil and Harsh Hegde
  • Goa Medical College :Leander Paes and Zibane Paes
  • BITS :Karthikey and Karthik
  • NIT :Sauvik and Ajit Kumar
Goa Winners 2019

Champions, BITS Pilani Goa - Lucky Kaul and Shiv Kumar

The final saw a head-on battle between BITS Pilani represented by Lucky and Shiv taking on the defending champions from 2018, NIT Goa with Sahil and Harsh. This year the BITS duo seemed to be very well prepared and driven with the resolve to win. They started off with a blaze getting to 10 runs in no time.

The defending champs clawed their way back but BITS Pilani was too strong to catch up as they kept scoring. In the meantime, the other team from NIT also made headway, putting some pressure on the defending champs if they should give BITS an all-out chase or play prudent and settle for the runner-up title. They eventually settled for the runner-up as BITS Pilani after a break of a few years retained the Goa title.

The guest of honour Prof. Sunil Bhand, Dean, Sponsored Research and Consulting, BITS Pilani spoke of the importance of creating talent bases for the future, while appreciating the Tata Group for creating such platforms.

Goa Runners 2019

Runner Up, NIT Goa - M. Sahil and Harsh Hegde

  • WINNER : BITS Pilani Goa - Lucky Kaul and Shiv Kumar
  • RUNNER UP : NIT Goa - Sahil and Harsh Hegde